New Webcam Setup

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Getting ready for the new soaring season, we've set up a new webcam that can be found on the front page of the website. Hopefully this will give a clearer view of what the weather is like if you're planning on coming out.

It's set to update regularly on Sat, Sun and Wed mornings, with less frequent updates on other days.

The weather station is working again as well, although we don't have the full detailed statistics set up yet.

The first pics from the webcam turned out great, and caught an early morning circuit.

First snap ever. The early bird gets the first tow as they say.
First snap ever. The early bird gets the first tow as they say.

The blue hole over the airfield strikes again
The blue hole over the airfield strikes again

New Booking System Up and Running

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Hi all, we've just launched the new booking system on the website. We've tried to make it super simple to use, here's what to do:

  1. Go to the front page of the website or the roster
  2. Click the "Book" button beside the day you want to book
  3. Choose what you want to book and fill in the details.

What can you book?

Anyone can book any of the following:

  • Any of the club gliders
  • A glider and instructor
  • Trial Flights & Voucher Flights
  • A tow (for private owners)

The main goals of the new bookings system

  • Give everyone an idea of how many people will be turning up on a day.
  • Make it easy for the public to book flights
  • Get contact details so we can contact you if the day is cancelled for any reason.
  • Make it easy to book the club gliders, and show if they are free.

Changing/Cancelling a booking

When you make a booking you will receive an email that has a link to cancel it. Click the link, then click the "Cancel booking" button.

To change a booking you'll need to cancel the first booking, then make a new booking.

If you have any trouble, or don't have internet access, contact Dennis or Tim, or email and we can make and cancel bookings for you.

No doubt there will be tweaks needed to how it works, so please any feedback is welcome.

We'll be giving a short demo of the booking system at the Start of season Briefing this sunday, see you then.

Start of Season Brunch & Briefing

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The 2008 Start of Season Brunch & Briefing is just under 2 weeks away, on Sunday 21st September. Brunch starts 9am, with the briefing at 10am.

The briefing will cover lots of essential info for anyone intending to fly over summer including:

  • The new ELTs in the club gliders.
  • Upcoming airspace changes.
  • The new web based booking system.
  • XP flying requirements.

We would like to encourage everyone to come along, especially new club members. No doubt brunch will be delicious, and normal club flying will be available after the briefing.

The brunch will consist of; Juice, Muesli and Yoghurt, Bacon & Eggs, Hash Browns, Baked Beans, Toast with Jan's Home made Marmalade, Tea or Coffee all for $10.

Please let Jan know asap at if you will be there for brunch.

See you there!

July 2008 Flypaper

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July 08 Flypaper Final.doc

Next Learn-to-fly course coming up

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UPDATE this course has been postponed. Do contact us if you're interested in the next one and we'll let you know when it is.

Our next Learn-to-fly Gliding Course is coming up.

$350 plus flying costs (approx $150-$190 per flying day). Objective is to get to solo flight, but this is very dependant on the weather, individual ability and a number of other factors.

Continued tuition is available as a club member for just the launch costs. This course is limited to 4 participants, who have exclusive use of our 2 club fibreglass 2 seater gliders.

For more details phone Steven at 07 843 7654 or contact us here.