Flypaper issue 2 2022

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Latest edition of Flypaper for club news and events


Flypaper 18th Aug 2022.pdf

FlyPaper May 2022

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Flypaper 7th May 2022.pdf

Flypaper issue 4 2021

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Latest Flypaper and club news is attached for your reading pleasure. Have a Merry Xmas and great new year.


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Invitation to the Celebration of the Life of Christian Derold

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*correction* The day listed in this notice was incorrect, the correct day is: Saturday the 21st August, 4pm. Not Sunday. Apologies for that mistake.

Sadly our good friend Christian Derold passed away in a gliding accident a few days ago, while competing in a contest from Reiti, Italy. Christian has been a frequent visitor to Piako for many gliding contests over the years. A celebration of his life will be held at Auckland Gliding Club Saturday 21st August, 4pm.

Flypaper issue 3 2021

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Another exciting edition of Flypaper. Lots of news & pics

Flypaper 11th Aug 2021.pdf

Flypaper issue 2 2021

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Hi all,

New edition of Piako Gliding Club Flypaper is attached. Lots of news and PICs.


Flypaper 11th June 21.pdf

Flypaper issue 1 2021

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New Flypaper is attached, with all of our latest club news and pilot info.

Flypaper 13th Apr 2021.pdf

Memorial for Gordon Scholes: Gathering on Friday 29 January 2021

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An informal function as a Memorial for Gordon Scholes will be held at Matamata Aerodrome on Friday 29 Jan 21. The event will commence at the cessation of flying activities on Friday 29 Jan 21 – so that will be about 5.30pm, give or take the vagaries of such things. Friday is the practice day of the NZ Club Class National Competition and MSC Competition.

Gordon was a great proponent of MSC and competition gliding and, while he may not be well known to newer members of our respective clubs, he will certainly be remembered by the more mature and ex-members.

Ralph Gore is master of ceremonies; Mark Tingey and John Griffin will pay tributes. Ross Scholes and Allie have indicated that they will be there as well.

The gathering will be informal and there will undoubtedly be some yarns told as well as the more formal tributes. Food will be provided (I am told that it will be more up-market than a BBQ but not a plated meal). The bar will be open with both the normal and non-alcoholic refreshments available on a pay as you go basis.

It is important that we get a good indication of numbers attending, so please go to the link In Memory Of Gordon Scholes and fill it in in as soon as possible so Marion Moody knows how much food to provision.

This email is going to people associted with the MSC clubs. If you are in touch with ex-members who may be interested in attending please get contact them and extend this invitation to join us.

It is only a week and bit away – so prompt responses are requested.

See you there,


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