Brunch Debrief, Safety talk and MBZ Radio call info update

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Here's some more info from the Start of Season briefing

Rainer Kunnemeyer gave a talk on safety. The notes are available as a PDF file attached below, and also are available on the website inside the members training section.

Season 2008-9 RK.pdf (700Kb)

Also updated is the MBZ radio call info page, which is now more inline with standard CAA procedures. A good idea for everyone to check you're doing the MBZ radio calls correctly.

We can also report Brunch was absolutely delicious, thanks to Jan, Bill and Dom (and any others I've missed) for doing such a great job yet again.

The flying was also great, summer is definitely on its way!

Other topics covered at the briefing:

  • New higher res webcam on the front page. Click on the image to view a big version. It will update more frequently on flying days, especially in the morning.
  • New booking system, already being put to good use. It's really simple to use, so if you're planning on coming out please add a booking. Also available from the front page.
  • Local airspace changes take effect from the 19th November 2008. New maps will be available in the coming months, contact Bill if you wish to order. We will put updated GPS maps on the website when available. More details are available on the CAA website
  • The Christchurch Control phone number is 0800 626 324 for those that missed it.
  • The club needs to start logging our use of airspace. We will devise a method of doing this soon, possibly using the timesheets.
Thanks everyone for the great turnout, and we look forward to a great 2008/09 season.


Colin Ross
14 years ago

Here is a very nice Promo video for the Stemme N10, sent to me by Jo Friedrich - sigh.............

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