XCountry Course followed by Regionals Comp 10 days away

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Things are really starting to pick up weather wise, and to prove it we've got the XCountry course coming up just over a week away.

Well the Taupo central plateau competition is over and it was a goodie. We had just 11 competitors so it was quite small, but the weather didn't turn out too bad, with us flying all days except one. Also I've learned how to spell plateau properly.  A big thanks to the Taupo gliding club, especially Trev and Tom for putting on a great and well organised event, Roland for doing an excellent job with the weather (there were no beatings or lashings this time). From our club thanks to Harold for towing, Les, Phil and Mavis for travelling down to help out.

Final results are at http://www.soaringspot.com/cpnz2010/results/open/total/day5.html

XCountry Course - Mon 22nd Nov to Friday 26th Nov

The Matamata Soaring Centre runs the task week and XCountry course. For our club members not participating we have towing all week, with instructors rostered on the normal club flying days. If you're GQP you are welcome to come fly anytime, if you're not QGP, you'll need an instructor around on the field. From our club we have a number of instructors instructing on this course.

At the same time as the XCountry course is "task week" for more experienced pilots. During this week there will be tasks set every day.

Regional Competition - Sat 27th Nov to Sat 4th Dec

Following the XCountry course we have the Norther Regional Competition. There is still time to enter, and we have at this stage of the club ships we only have GXP entered with GPC, GPK, GNI and GSN available. If no one enters these they will be available during the week, again non QGP will need to fly normal club days or find an instructor.

For both events we need helpers, especially to help launch the grid, so if you have some free time please come on out. Perhaps get in touch with Les, Bill or Bob if you can help.

One request from Tim especially during the contest, if you're flying club gliders please ensure everything is put back in the hanger afterwards, and leave room at the front for GXP.

Hooray for better weather, and hope everyone makes their way out at some stage soon.

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