Winglets Extra – hot news and a correction of a previous half truth ….

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Aah dear readers I am sure I have your undivided attention!!

Firstly the hot news:

This Sunday around 2:30 we will be visited on the airfield by David Marriot of Nelson Pilot Training to demo his Sportstar’s aerotowing prowess. Feel free to spectate or take a tow, and give some feedback on how things looked to you.

Sportstar Tour Flyer - MT.pdf


Secondly – a correction to last winglets.

Apparently I am showing true prowess at journalism first jump at the news, then twist it to suit what creates readership – don’t worry about the facts, or careful and thorough checking of how the events unfolded, and for heavens sake don’t check with another source to see if what you have is factual. Yep – I score 10/10.

It seems that my announcement of Gina Pirrits’s solo was a little exuberant - there was ballast in the glider in the form of her dad Jamie. Now if he hadn’t been ther it would have been a solo – he was virtually not there but ......... Seems I got so caught up in the handshakes and high fives – I missed a tiny weeney detail.

I should have realized something was wrong when I was not presented with the drink I demanded in the bar later, but I put that down to me just being ignored again.......

Back into the kennel....




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