Weekly Winglets - little tipbits from the week that was (45)….

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Weekly Winglets - little tipbits from the week that was (45)….



At last some thermalling weather!

Last Wednesday was a beauty so I’m led to believe and Saturday was a beautiful day to be at the airfield. Not the same quality thermals as Wednesday, (well someone forgot to tell Phil Smith who disappeared for 3 ¼ hours in VM!), but for the rest of the mere mortals it was an enjoyable day if not a little challenging when your thermalling skills are rusty. On the ground we got a wee taste of what summer could be like, and shorts and sunblock suddenly became the norm.

I haven’t seen the flying data for Wednesday, the new laptop was hidden so well, no-one could find it, so a report in detail isn’t possible, apologies to the unknown Wednesday warriors (if you want to get mentioned in despatches from now on you have to use the computer!!) Saturday though got off to a lively start with two new temporary members taking their first trial flights, both looking very likely to join our ranks. We welcome to the fold David Brosnan and Nigel Brinkworth who took their flights with Tony Davies (PC) and Steven Care (PK). Peter Minor and Bob Gray warmed up YL for the day with a couple of circuits, before Bob and Dave Dennison hit out for 2hrs 20 or so in the big bird.

Mark Shrimpton and Tony weren’t to be outdone and took PC off our hands for an hour & 16, Ed Devanoges slipped out in PD for 2hours 25, and Carl Henderson warmed up NI for 30minutes before handing it over to me for 49, and Dave Muckle (Duty Pilot) for 45. For some reason NI was having a day where it wouldn’t stay up, whereas WW in the kinds of Peter Minor managed 1hr 16 before being handed over to Will Kamp for 45minutes. The day was rounded out by Steven taking Nigel Brinkworth for a treat circuit in YL – that ought to have tickled his taste buds for more! Not forgetting to mention the Crequer family dayDennis taking daughter Zoe and son Hamish up for an hour or so each in PC – great to see!

Dave Harding did the towing honours for the day in PNE which we are using while BZA gets work done on it following the Taupo comp.

Sunday dawned foggy at the airfield where I overnighted – it’s often quite a spectacle when the fog lifts rapidly to reveal what the day is really going to be like, only this time it wasn’t pretty. Rob Owens & Mark Drayson were duty instructors and Dennis Crequer who couldn’t  stay away after yesterday was doing his last duty pilot (now re-joined the instructors panel after a spell – thanks go to Dennis for doing that – may all your instructing duties go so well!). Trial flighter Frank Dibben was first away in PC on the stroke of midday, followed by Pieter Bronkhorst under the tutelage of Mark  in PK for a circuit and a 21 minute attempt to find lift!

The last 2 flights of the day were circuits by Rob (PC) & Mark (PK) which I suspect were to enable them to land their gliders at the hangar and overcome the lack of wing walkers! Generally Sunday was not really a flying day at all!t  

A big thank you to Tauranga tow pilot Mark Rundle, who, not only travelled over the hill to bring oil for his tug, ended up flying it as a late replacement for our regular Scott Jeanes who was unwell. Cheers Mark – although looking at the delectable motor bike you arrived on, it may have been a case of any excuse to justify a ride is a good one? Why not – but thanks anyway to you and to Tauranga Club for your ongoing co-operation.

Can I finish with a request – actually 2:

  1. If you book a glider on the clubs website and decide not to come out – you must cancel your booking on the website – phone in to the duty pilot or instructor as well, but please cancel it on the website. Other members plan their times around the bookings they see on the day, and naturally feel a bit disgruntled when they get to the airfield and realise they could have planned their day differently if the bookings were not going to be taken up.

Also if you book for a time you must turn up on time and take your flight at the time you booked, otherwise your booking is effectively cancelled, and you must wait your turn if there is a waiting list for gliders on the day. Don’t rock up an hour late and expect everyone to stand aside – well you surely wouldn’t would you, but …..

It was once mooted that a financial penalty for non-cancellation of bookings would be charged – let’s not have to go there – try common courtesy and we can all stay happy.

  1. Raglan – a follow–up call to my earlier email of 9 Nov for all to put your hand up for Xmas duties BY NOV 19TH PLEASE – Matamata as well actually. Let me know if you intend camping at Matamata for Xmas camp 26 Dec - 6 Jan or Raglan 2 – 20 Jan or both, or which days you could do as a day trip.








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