Weekly Winglets - little tipbits from the week that was (39)...

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As I sit looking out at a rainy dreary Auckland Monday morning, I think how lucky we were to get a weekends flying! Not great but flying!!

Not so on Wednesday though – the day was cancelled.

Saturday was a busy one for Julian and pupil Pieter, who between them racked up 1hr 50 mins of circuits and thermalling in PK. David Muckle & Tim dusted off PC for ¾ of an hour, Julian & Keith had PK up for 49 mins to round out the club glider flights.

Also in the air were Fin in ZO and Phil Smith in VM – both notching up flights in excess of 2 hours – nice going guys.

Total for the day was 10 launches keeping Tracey and BZA in business, and Dave Dennison occupied at the desk

Sunday was one of those bonus days – you couldn’t see the Kaimai’s on the webcams, and you could easily have been fooled into thinking that “Day Cancelled due to weather” was to be the outcome, but Bob reckoned it would come right, and so it did. 13 flights in all with YL taking the prize for departures and arrivals with 6 (Bob  x 2 taking up some friends, Steve and Phil Smith X 2, then Phil was gone solo, with Dave and Steve getting to do the last flight of the day). Nudged out was PK on 5 flights (Will & Mark Drayson, Carl & Bob, Phil Cox & Mark, Carl again, and a trial flight) making the numbers. Completing the flying list were with Jacopo in NB and Tauranga’s Dave Jensen in NM (trying out some new gadgets apparently – watch out those competing later this year!). Phil Cox was doing the paperwork and Dave Harding enjoying himself as always at the controls of BZA.

Definitely a gliding weekend, unless you took a flight to Pauanui in a passing Tecnam and got back to find all the Cu’s had evaporated, and the much anticipated flight was left for another day!

By the way - old mate and ex club-member Gerald has his beautiful motor-glider for sale on Trademe:



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