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well - more like a trailing edge really...... I have had enough of aeroplanes after disappearing to China for 2 days and Singapore for 1 last week!

The Wednesdayers drew the long straw being the only flying day with Sat & Sunday getting the big "C".

Correspondent Bill Mace filed this report:

I took Peter Minor up in PK for 90 mins in moderately rough wave. (Well Peter took me) The wind was due to swing around to the west at 6 to 7000' so didn't try for great height. We went to 6200' in lift above 1000'/min at times.

Thanks Bill - that really cheers up those of us who spend Monday to Friday hoping for flying weather at the weekend!! Bills photos are posted at:


To rub it in Wing Commander (BZA and bar (frequently)) Wood filed his take:

Not a big crowd today, but the easterly wave was working.  After pre-flight briefing (well, a few minutes to eat lunch and look at a coverage of the Olympics) PK was wheeled out, BZA was ready, and Peter Minor with Bill Mace in the back seat launched at 1315.  Release at 2000’ a couple of miles east had them on the up elevator!  Alan Belworthy checked in on 120.0.  Alan was at Rotorua at FL160, but he had a couple of turboprops to help him along!  As BZA called “Downwind to land”, PK called 4300’ climbing.  Peter and Bill can add 1 hour and 30 minutes to their logbooks with 6250’ as max altitude.  Iggy gets one tow and two cups of coffee.

Thanks guys – like a good fishing story the altitude got a little better with the telling of the story – but well done to Peter and Bill and my unpaid scribes.

I can tell you that it is no calmer at 35000’ at the moment on the Asian routes – a good 70% of my 777 and A320 time last week was spent in quite impressive turbulence – but how about this for a coincidence – on the last leg from Singapore I took my Advanced Soaring Made Easy out and opened it to begin what was going to be a few precious hours of intense study. No sooner thought, when the guy next to me says “so you fly gliders then”? He was a migrant pom who qualified as an LAME and flew gliders recreationally, prior to coming to NZ! Hopefully, once his young family ages, we will see him back into it!


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