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What a week! Even some Wednesday flying - here's how it went according to my newly commissioned mid-week flying correspondent:Wednesday 25 July showed some promise of being like last Saturday with easterly wave in the offing.  Glider pilots were briefed, Bill said to Iggy “Are these just a few spots of rain or is it setting in?” 

It will clear” said Iggy.

Peter said “All out, but just a circuit for the first launch.”

The gap along the Kaimais closed.  Light rain started.

“All out for another circuit” said Peter.

Hangar landing.  Two flights, 10 minutes airborne, WW and BZA got a wash!!!

And so to Saturday where quite a turnout was had. The roll call went something like this:

Alan Belworthy, Bill Mace, Bryan O'Brien, Carl Henderson, Dave Dennison, Ian Finlayson, Jeffrey Hunter (BZA), Keith Irvine, Phillip Cox, Rainer Kunnemeyer, Steven Care, Tim Bromhead, and self.

The Easterly wave was working a treat, albeit better behaved than last week, which was good news for those who were relatively new to wave flying. In all 8hrs & 44 minutes of flying was had, with 13 launches and 5 different gliders having a great time, including 2 trial flighters, who definitely picked the right day.

Word is that Finn made it to the swamp and back, Tim & Steve paid Tirohia a visit on the last flight of the day, with Steve and Dave taking the height honours with 7800ft - YL is certainly enjoying its initiation at Matamata!

It was a pretty chirpy bunch in the bar afterwards, where the lift got 2 knots faster and the speed with the brakes out whilst still climbing went up a click or two! Issues were raised about a particular Cessna with a pilot who's calls were very hard to understand and who seemed to have difficulty acknowledging that he needed to give way to gliders. Hopefully he will find another airfield to terrorize, but it was a lesson that we all need to be on our toes with the increasing operations of trainee power pilots at our airfield. SVT and 2 Katanas from CTC were operating as well.

One brave warrior had a day to forget, having to return to the airfield to tune his radio and that was after having to suffer the emabrassing call from the Pawnee to put his brakes away! Worthy of consideration by the soon to be convened awards committee! 

Another point to store in mind came about when the ASK13 GS was brought to the line. Phil Cox and Bill Mace sat waiting whilst Jeff completed a tow and refuel, then just as he returned to the grid to hook them up they climbed out! In the process of doing their checks and reading the placards and manuals - then discussing what they had eaten for breakfast (over the last couple of years), they discovered they were collectively overweight! I was due to take the next flight in GS, but the only instructors I could have gone with were off flying elsewhere. The all up pilot weight is apparently 180Kg, so if your goal is to fly GS, best you find yourself an instructor that does not compliment your weight beyong 180Kg!!

For all that it was great to see 3 twins on the line and that was with PC and UL in the repair shop still! 

Sunday was a washout, pretty much as forecast, so I leave you with good wishes for the next week, and a reminder for those who were not there to check your forecasts and call the launch point in case you are missing out!!

By now you will have seen the Awards Dinner invite and be deciding if one or two of you will come. Don't delay, sales are brisk with 12.5% of capacity already filled. Thanks for reading and following the instructions - your names are on the list!

Must fly as I am packing for a trip to China for a few days. You can imagine the smile on my face when I read this on my ticket re one of the aircraft I am flying on :

Boeing 777-300ER (WINGLETS) - what the .....????

See you Sunday,







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