Upcoming Events Christmas & New Year

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Christmas Camp 26th - 2nd Jan

Christmas Camp is usually a time where all our club members go away, and all the other clubs come to us! This year we'd like to encourage everyone to come along and fly.

  • Usually great flying conditions.
  • Perfect opportunity to do 50Km flights and badge flights.
  • Training will be available full time.
  • Bring friends and family! Remember they fly at club rates.
  • Tauranga's Brand New Duo Discuss will be flying from Matamata, keep an eye out for it!
  • Winching may be available as well as aerotow.
  • Rooms and tent sites available. If you've never stayed before, there are excellent facilities.
  • Starting early every day, for those who want to do long flights.
  • Weather and task briefings may be available in the mornings.
  • People from Whenapai, Drury and Tauranga and more will be joining us.

Raglan 3rd - 16th Jan

This year we are taking one twin to Raglan early. From the 3rd to 7th we will be flying from Raglan AND Matamata. On the weekend of the 8th we will be moving both twins to Raglan, and will stay until Sunday 16th weather depending. Note the Walsh flying school is at Matamata from the 7th Jan - 21st Jan.

  • Flying every fine day, from 9am to late
  • Trial flights from $60 for a circuit.
  • Full club flying and trial flights & gift voucher flights available.
  • Club members are welcome to organise single seat gliders.
  • If there is a good westerly day likely, we will organise a coastal run!

Drury Competition Jan 8th-16th 2011

There is now a page on the club website (http://www.glidingauckland.co.nz/?q=node/63) where you can find all the info for the upcoming Drury Comps.

Christmas Dec 25th!

Just in case you had forgotten :) Merry Christmas from us at Piako Gliding Club

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