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There are several big events coming up, now is the time to get yourself sorted!

  • Sat 2nd - Sat 9th Nov, Central Plateau Contest @ Taupo. Early bird registration before 1st Oct.
  • Sun 17th - Fri 22nd Nov, Fly fast course @ Matamata. Registration closes 20th Sept.
  • Sat 23rd - Sat 30th Nov, Northern Region Gliding Championships @ Matamata. Early Bird 20th Oct.
  • Sat 28th Dec - 10th Jan, Multi Class Nationals @ Matamata.

Currently all 3 singles are out of action, but XP should be back within a couple of weeks after it's repairs.

NI has just had damage to the rudder while in transit, a good reminder to everyone to be very careful how secure gliders are in their trailers.

SN had trouble getting the tail on when rigging, so we've sent it up to be checked.

The winch appears to be working better and better. We had lots of people trying it out over the weekend. A few teething issues such as ensuring we have all the weaklinks, and tools to change them... Note the list of weaklinks and max speeds for a variety of gliders is posted on the wall in the caravan.

Look at the queue for the winch!
Look at the queue for the winch!

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