Thermaling Training Session

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As part of the ongoing training for our pilots Julian has asked me to run a session on Thermaling. Apart from teaching the ability to safely land out, this is the most important skill to develop if you are wanting to go cross country in a glider. Once you have mastered this skill, your confidence in your ability will grow and with that your enjoyment of the sport.

I will be conducting the session on Saturday 22nd February at (Unfortunately I will not be able to conduct a session on Sunday 23rd as previously indicated.) Everyone is invited.

There is so much to learn and discuss with the art of thermaling that I thought it would be useful to read some material beforehand. That way we can concentrate on aspects that may be of particular concern to yourself.

The Training Module is complements of the Dartmoorland Gliding Club who have acquired it in turn from the Benella Gliding Club of Victoria.

To receive the Material go to the following and register your interest.

From there you will be given a link to the document.

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Bill Mace

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