Start of Season Briefing 2010

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Big thanks to all those who came to the start of season briefing and lunch. The lunch of soup & quiche was great, thanks Jan, Joan and anyone else who helped.

If you didn't make this briefing there is a repeat 11am Wednesday morning, and if you can't make that as well, you'll need to get in touch with Bob before you next want to fly.

Feedback from those at the briefing was very good, with newer members appreciating the chance to meet everyone.

Key points from the briefing:

  • Due to a less-than-ideal weather, declining membership, and increasing costs, we really need to get flying and have a great summer.
  • If you're a club member, bring a friend along for a flight! They are welcome to fly at club rates.
  • There have been airspace changes, primarily extending Hamilton's airspace down south, and the Coromandel CFZ (Common Frequency Zone) is now called "Peninsular". Changes and new maps apply from 18th Nov.
  • Info about being duty pilot, and how important your role is for the club.
  • Julian gave an interesting talk on Motor Gliding.
  • Bob talked about dehydration, how water might not be enough, and we had a jolly good discussion about peeing in the glider too.

The usual riff-raff
The usual riff-raff

Ridge? What ridge?
Ridge? What ridge?

Jan, Jamie and Ann. Guess who's going for seconds.
Jan, Jamie and Ann. Guess who's going for seconds.


11 years, 2 months ago
ann is that bloke stealing your sandwhich

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