Open Day & Land Out BBQ Sunday 19th April

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The Matamata Aerodrome open day is coming up next week, Sunday 19th April.

This year we are having  our annual Land Out BBQ to coincide on the same day. This is where we invite all farmers who's paddocks we've landed in along for a feed, and take them for a fly.

Between 1 and 2pm there will be various staged events and we have a slot there for some high speed finishes and a glider to explore its envelope for the crowd.

Jan is running the kitchen so we will have morning teas, lunches and nibbles for the after get together in our clubhouse. We would like a hand in the bar which will open about 4pm too please.

There is the chance that there will be outdoor entertainment off the back of a truck in the campground also.

This is the clubs big public display day so we need helpers:

  • A welcome person to put identification name-tabs on the farmers so they can have a flight.
  • A large number of hosts in general to be at the club house, at the launch point and at the launch point.

Get in touch with Bill if you can help out in any way.

We really need as many club members as possible, so please make an effort to come along, help out and have a good time. It's also a great opportunity to drag along friends and family members, as there will be heaps to see, eat, and fly!

More details coming soon...

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