Not So Weekly Winglet # 763

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Well we have still been having some good soaring conditions as summer hangs around. Saturday, however didn’t eventuate as good as the forecast predicted. Most plans were shelved by 2pm and some local soaring was about all that was possible. Steve & Dave launched in YL and found a thermal but were reluctant to share it. They were gone for around an hour & requested that airspace be opened for them. Returning member had the next best flight of the day in SN, while Tony & I managed a couple of circuits in PK. I didn’t fly on Sunday, nor did I hear how the day turned out but I suspect it was a good one if my observations were correct.

As well as Keith returning to flying we have Sam McLaughlan, Noel Bailey and Duncan Webb joining us as flying members and Barrie Crab as an associate member. Look out for these new faces and make them feel welcome. We recently had resignations from Gina Pirrit and Scott Jeanes although Im sure we will still see them at the airfield from time to time.

In other news PK is in Auckland getting her main wheel suspension repaired and the next time XP has an inspection it will have a nose hook fitted to make it a little more user friendly.

Coming up we have a busy weekend with ATC cadets this weekend & then in the school holidays we are being joined by Youth Glide. If you are able to help out with either of these groups you will be more than welcome. Get in touch with Bill if you can help.

Thats about it from me this time.

Remember to keep logging your flights to OLC & keep checking there to see who is doing what. I’m not going to tell you, jump on the site & take a look around for yourselves.



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