Not So Weekly Winglet #46

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Well we have been a busy club since I last was on here.

The working bee was a huge success with the caravan getting a long overdue tidy up. If you cant find anything in the caravan, try having a look under the seats. You will find the bats & other bits & pieces there & please put everything back at the end of the day. The hangar was swept out & the cupboards now have a back on them which means that they can be used. The clubrooms no longer have cables decorating the outside. The store rooms got tidied up. NIs trailer got a new frame to support the tailplane & it also go a safety chain to stop the fuselage from rolling back & damaging the rudder as happened recently. SNs trailer has been given a new floor as the glider fell through the floor no so long ago. Keep looking out for trailer guidelines to be posted on here for all of our fleet. The beams supporting the hangar doors will be replaced on Saturday all going to plan.


On the flying scene there have been some spectacular results rumoured from mid week winch launches the best reported height so far is 2200 feet with several launches of 2000 feet as well if my source is accurate. Where else can you get a launch to these heights for $15? If this is not an incentive to get out and try it then what is?


Looking ahead to this weekend we are being joined by Aviation Sports & the weather is looking promising. There will be a dinner on Sunday night and there is still time to let Bill know if you are coming. Jan needs to know numbers by midday Friday 25th (tomorrow). Spaces are filling fast so make an effort to come along. Cost is only $15pp or if you are under 15 is is $1 per year of age.

One point to note from Wednesdays committee meeting is that BZA will be in Taupo for the Central Plateau competition from November 3rd. The only launching will be the winch on the 3rd so put that in your diaries &make a day of it.


I will leave you with a photo from Iggy. Taken just as the committee meeting was about to start on Wednesday.



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