Not So Weekly Winglet #261

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So it seems I have been awol for some time. It’s been a frantic period since I was last here.

A brief run down of my own flying for the last couple of months.

I entered the Northern Regional Competition in SN. Including the practise day we flew 8 days in a row with varying degrees of success and in a wide range of conditions.

We had tasks set in thermal conditions, on the ridge & on one day we had a task set in easterly wave.  It was a great feeling waiting for the start gate to open at 6500 feet with the brakes open in order not to enter airspace!

In terms of success I had one aim for the competition which was to finish at least one task. Which I achieved on the first day, although my time wasn’t spectacular. I also managed to land out 700m from the edge of the finish circle on one day & on another I landed out before reaching the start.

 In all it was a fantastic week of learning & socialising mixed in with some great flying. Overall I came 2nd in the sports class.


Then came Christmas with its usual mix of family time & over indulgence of food & drink which was closely followed by the Multi Class National Competition and gliding carnival. Due to a shortage of brownie points & a depletion of Fun Tickets it seemed important to spend a week at

Pauanui with friends. I therefore missed the first week of the competition only to come back & enjoy the atmosphere helping with the bar in the evening of the second week. The whole time seemed to be a huge success with a number of pilots going solo, other competing for the first time and everyone enjoying the relaxed atmosphere & Jan’s hospitality.


The end of the competition meant the start of our Raglan Camp. On Friday we gathered at the airfield to start the operation to shift to the west coast. The twins were wheeled to the end of 10 & double towed directly over the Hamilton tower en-route to Raglan. On arrival overhead it was apparent that the caravan hadn’t arrived so Tony & I went in search of a thermal along with Steve and Peter in PK. We spent half an hour or more enjoying the harbour views before landing. The caravan crew arrived shortly after & we got set up for flying. The rest of the day was fairly active with trial flights & I also found time to take Mary for a flight over the harbour which she thoroughly enjoyed.


Anyway that’s almost enough from me, we are well set up at Raglan, NI is over & ready to be flown. Rob Shuttleworth has his glider there so get over & take a flight in an amazing location.







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