Not All Pawnees Are Created Equal

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As we had been using PNE for the last few weeks Iggy has been busy briefing tow pilots on the differences between PNE and BZA, following is part of the pre & post flight exchange between Iggy & new tow pilot Dion Manktelow.


PNE is a 180hp Pawnee 150.  Differences are two fewer cylinders plus (do I recall correctly?) lower flap speeds.  A tangle of mic/tel leads and the fuselage tank as CEB.  I think that it starts with both mags ON.  Alternator rather than a generator.  Please note the normal bits and pieces such as hobbs time, tow heights and the like.



After towing on Sunday, Dion replied:

Morning Iggy,
Looked everywhere for the missing cylinders, deduced they had been removed for C of G reasons. 
Climb attitude remains too low, reccommend removing a further 2 cylinders to allow nose to point higher.
Mistook the mirror for a 52" TV, it's huge.
Bit worried about effects of heat on the wingtips, appears the've been heated sufficiently to enable gravity assisted
droop groundwards. Likely a couple of days inverted in the sun would correct the defect. 
Suspect root cause to be exposure to the sun, but can't rule out transonic descents as a contributor.
She might be due a hip replacement as taxying in straight lines requires more than the full right rudder available. 
Was going to fit a ground adjustable trim tab to the rudder but couldn't find a coke can or cellotape.
I did get caught up in her garters dangling from the panel, no problem, i'm rated on garters and the removal thereof.
She's my 3rd Pawnee and as with the others she's very different but just the same. Dating sisters concurrently can be enormous fun but not without it's dangers.
Mate, you've got a great bunch of guys down there, it's always a pleasure.

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