New developments in the bar

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In an effort to help things run easily at the business end I have organised things around the till…..

And to show where things are at the bar and also to point out some new developments the photo shows……

  • A new book that is to live at the bar – this is the library lending record – a base for messages between members and/or office bearers(ie something has been left for them, something has been fixed, or needs fixing, any IOU’s for flying or the bar and please see that these are removed when debts are paid. Flying IOU’s are to go in here as well as on the timesheet You will see that there is a ring on the book for you to put keys etc. on for other members. You can leave a note for them in the book and could you please put a date in with each entry. There is extra info inside the front cover.
  • The spike where all bar eftpos payments are to go - It is important to use separate transactions for bar and other transactions. The bar runs a separate bank account. 
  • The place for the eftpos machine and instructions. Most importantly there is now a separate facility on the EFTPOS machine for the Matamata Soaring Centre. Check that you are paying into the correct account – either the Piako Gliding Club or Matamata Soaring Centre. It will say on the screen. Press the green button on the bottom (enter) when it is reading the account you want. This facility allows accommodation payments to be made to the MSC.
  • A calculator – This is to stay at the bar.
  • A glass for pens to come and spend there retirement. It is not a source of pens for removal. 
  • The booking in folder for the bunkrooms
  • The nest of drawers in which there are envelopes for the timesheets, tools and stationary items such as a stapler and spare EFTPOS paper rolls.

Please use the book and get in the habit of looking in it when you go to the clubrooms.

Thanks for taking the time to read this update.


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