MSC Task Weekend

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This weekend is the first of 2 MSC task weekends. These days will be run much like a contest day, but in a more relaxed style suitable for anyone. We'll set an easy task and an advanced task. Scoring will be by the online contest. It's a great opportunity for those who haven't tried tasks before to give it a go.

The dates:

  • Sat 7th March (This coming Saturday)
  • Sun 8th March
  • Sat 21st March
  • Sun 22nd March

The plan:

  • Before 10am - Gliders rigged
  • 10am - Briefing & Task
  • 10am-11am - Gridding
  • 11am-6pm - Flying!
  • 6:30pm - BBQ (Saturdays only)

There is a chance the weather won't be good for Saturday. Notifications will be made on the Piako Gliding Club's calendar on the homepage Friday evening. If flying is cancelled on Saturday, we won't be having the BBQ.

For the BBQ, bring a salad, some meat, or anything else for the BBQ. The bar will be open of course at the end of each day.

Accomodation can be sorted with Ralph Gore

For Piako club members, we'd like to have both twins flying cross country, so we'll need to know who wants to fly each day. Contact with which day you'd like to fly with an instructor.

SN and NI can be booked like normal.

For anyone from any club interested in flying other gliders, please make a booking for a 'tow' on our booking system so we have rough idea of numbers for each day. Don't worry about the time of the tow, make it 12pm. You can cancel your booking if you decide not to come due to weather. Click "Book" beside the relevant day on the calendar on the home page:

See you out there, it will be fun!

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