MSC Comp Day 5, Sports Day 9

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High cloud isn't ideal.

That's what many of the 8 pilots who landed out were thinking, as they sat around chewing grass.

It was a tough day, there were well marked thermals but they just weren't as strong as some needed thanks to the thin layer of high cloud.

The webcam at 4:21 today. Not many gliders back yet... Note that darn high cloud up high.
The webcam at 4:21 today. Not many gliders back yet... Note that darn high cloud up high.

There was drama abound as normally top pilots landed in paddocks. For Patrick Driessen in the fast class, the day proved less than satisfactory with only 370 points. The past four days he has won the day for 1000 points. Although Nigel hasn't won a day, he has won 800-980 points each day. It really shows what a tight and fierce competition it's been between the top pilots. Consistency paid off and he's come off with the most points in total so far. Totals for fast class can be found here. Todays winner was Lindsey Stephens, well done.

The same happened in the Sports class. Maurice Honey won 6 of the 9 days, but had one or two bad days allowing Tim to cling to the lead without winning a single day. Totals for sports class here. Well done to Maurice for winning the day again.

The club class has a clear winner so far, with Bryan O'Brien winning every day. Totals for club class here

Don't forget you can browse through those results to see:

  • Day scores
  • Total scores on a particular day
  • Tasks for the day, including a nice little map.

Tomorrow looks like a 70% chance of not flying due to the weather closing in on us, so that might be the end of the competitions. We'll update everyone tomorrow.


Alan Miller
12 years, 9 months ago
Well done Tim! Of course there are many others that make a competition a great event, but I think this is a great achievement for a low(er) hour pilot. There is obviously a bit of talent there.

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