MSC Comp Day 4, Sports Day 8

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Another wonderful day of gliding. Weather was forecast for strong thermal activity starting early, and indeed it did. It wasn't quite as easy as it looked however, and things changed quickly and on reasonably large scales. What was a leg of strong thermals one minute, could change to a big overdevelopment the next, or a sea breeze could come in and make a big hole.

There were 4 landouts today, including Bob Gray landing out somewhere down south, getting back around 9pm this evening. The turn points for the fast class were Maramarua and Tihoi, making the task a decent 331km.

Sports class had 2 of the 5 competitors get around the task from Morrinsville to Tokoroa. The winner of the day was Robin Britton again. Well done Robin, not only did she win, but she showed us all how to do it properly, with a GPS track that puts the rest of us to shame. Most of us wobbled around the course, searching for lift under the clouds as best we could, while Robin went in an almost straight lines around the whole thing! Here is Tim's track (blue) and Robins track (red) which shows what we mean.

Robins track Red, Tim's track blue.
Robins track Red, Tim's track blue.

Thanks to Maurice landing out (and Robin for missing a day!) your intrepid author has taken the lead for the sports class. Note to see the total scores so far, view the results page below, then click "total" along the top.

Big pat on the backs to Patrick Driessen (again!) and Bryan O'Brien (again!) for winning fast and club classes respectively.

Results for fast class 

Results for club class

Results for sports class


Looks like another good day tomorrow, until then...



David Hirst
12 years, 9 months ago
Go Tim!!!!!
moning tim
12 years, 9 months ago
Can you please give our regards to Maurice my father.
Thank you Peter & Family

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