Labour Weekend Winglet

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Well for those that made it to the airfield over Labour Weekend the rewards were many and varied. There were new folks to meet & mingle with. There was great weather to enjoy and on Sunday night there was good food to be had just to mention a few.

Saturday for some got started at around 8:30am to make a start on stage two of the hangar door repairs. The aim was to replace the beams that support the doors as they open. Reality was that one day was not going to be enough. One beam was sized up & promptly cut off meaning we were beyond the point of no return (insert small moment of panic). Long story short one beam was replaced by 3pm. So with not enough of the day left to do the other door the only thing left to do was to go flying. The flying on Saturday was outstanding. 7-10 knot thermals & a 5000ft cloud base meant two tow planes were kept busy all day with flying until about 6pm.

Sunday started with a strongish North Wester as the winch was wheeled out. Some 24 winch launches with a best height of 2000’. Along with the winch launches were a similar number of aero tows by both tow planes. A couple of cloud streets remained  in place all day providing consistent lift until about 4pm. The wind gradually turned more to the west which tempted a few to try the ridge with pleasing results.  Sunday roast (thanks Jan and Joan) was served to 51 people who enjoyed a great evening of fun and socialising.

Monday was dawned with a few light showers which quickly gave way to similar conditions to Saturday although with our visitors needing to pack up to head home the day was shortened slightly.

All in all one of the better Labour Weekends in recent times, largely attributable to the weather. Thanks to all who turned out to make things happen over the weekend, Neil put the winch back together after Roger arrived with the backing plate, Bill then repaired the damaged rope, Steve, Julian and the other instructors spent hours patiently instructing & overseeing the flying. Jan & Joan turned out another superb dinner & there will be a number of others that turned up and did their bit to make it into a very successful and incident free weekend.

Wednesday brought better than expected conditions even with some high cloud threatening to curtail events. Nine tows with varied amounts of success. Fin managed somewhere in the vicinity of 200km while others encountered less than pleasing results. Neil disappeared in XP (good to have her back in the air) and Filepe had his first NZ solo! Bill gave the winch and tractor both a birthday by way of new oil & filters.

This wraps up a great months flying.

Looking ahead there is a competition in Taupo starting Sunday 3 – 9 (BZA will be away so we will be winching only on 3rd 6th & 9th) followed by the Fly Fast Course then the Northern Regional Competition. Rumour has it that at least two of our club single seat gliders will be flying in the North Island Regionals. If the conditions lately are anything to go by we are in for a fantastic summer of flying. Remember to keep recording your flights for the online competition & keep our club competitive.


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