Labour Weekend 08 Debrief & Roster for this weekend.

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Labour weekend started off looking a bit dodgy weather wise, but by 3pm Saturday the weather cleared a bit, the arrow was out and we started launching! Aviation Sports Club showed up in force, and the late start gave them plenty of time to travel and get stuff rigged.

The start of dinner was extended to 7:30 to give those flying more time, which was lucky as the ridge was booming. A few flights arrived back after 7.

Thanks Jan and helpers yet again for a magnificent meal, everyone had a great time.

We took lots of photos over the weekend, and a gallery has been put together here, with a quick sample below.

Monday put on another good ridge and thermal day, with the tow sheet full to the brim and going over the page. Good work Ross for towing all day. Bad luck to Aviation Sports Club's single Astir GMP who landed out on the way up to Thames!


Apologies the web cam hasn't been up and running, Tim keeps forgetting to fix it. We'll get it back and going again very soon.

Roster this weekend

Tim's long range weather prediction: Westerly winds, book gliders now!

   Date Details Tow Pilot Duty Pilot Instructor1 Instructor2 Book Bookings
Sat 1st Nov 08 Flying from 11am Ross Nicholson Students Bob Gray Steven Care Book A Cert course 9, both twins booked for all day.
Sun 2nd Nov 08 Flying from 11am. Andrew McGregor Jamie Pirrit Bill Mace   Book  

Weekend Photos

"My drinking club has a gliding problem"
"My drinking club has a gliding problem"

Steve in GVC
Steve in GVC


Peter Coveney
13 years, 1 month ago
Correction to the Labour Weekend Report. The Av Sports glider that landed out at Netherton was our single Astir GMP piloted by young Ben Kistemaker attempting his 50km for his Silver Badge. A very commendable effort.

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