How to not glide somewhere cold

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Our class didn't fly yesterday. The 18m and open classes launched, but struggled to stay up. We then basically ran out of time to fly our classes. Again it was a very strong wind, this time from the south. The good news is temparatures were down to normal levels, with a max of 28 degrees! We were wearing jackets on the grid due to the cold wind.

Today looks like a much better day with temperature up to 32 degrees, and less wind.

Speaking of not flying in cold places, I see the champs in Omarama are having a lot of non flying days, results and info are available here:

From our neck of the woods we have Alan Belworthy flying in the 15m class, Brett Hunter and Dave Jensen. There's also quite a few flying from Drury including Ross Gaddes, Nigel Davy / Nigel McPhee, and Grant Nelson / Geoff Gaddes. Good luck to all!

Sunset from the other night
Sunset from the other night

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