How to glide somewhere reasonably warm. Task day 2

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Well, we didn't do very well today. Amazing how back home getting around usually guarantees a lot of points. Not here. We were just too slow. Managed 12th place with a speed of 78km/h vs the winners over 100km/h.

Only flying around 3000-5000 feet today.

Lots of lessons today,

  • On the second leg, I deviated slightly off track following dust devils and 2 other gliders. Should have stayed on track with the bulk of the other gliders. (We fly in gaggles to make it easier to find lift on blue days).
  • Didn't realise the irrigated paddocks around Finley aren't always green. I thought I was in a different airmass or something, but no, the thermals were weaker because of the irrigation. Should have climbed well before it, then flew in/out quick.
  • At Tocumwal I shouldn't have deviated over the town to find lift. Just kept going on  track would have taken me out of the irrigated area. I saw lots of gliders landed out at that airfield so thought I had to do anything I could to stay up. What I didn't realise was that was a separate gliding club (although there were a couple landed out).
  • In general I wasn't concentrating on the strength of the thermals, more on the other gliders. So not making the most of the best thermals.
  • Kept too much water on the first leg, it just wasn't that strong. Thus I was thermalling too big and fast.

Another 40 degree day today, which should push the thermals higher. Looking forward to it!



Carl Henderson
9 years, 8 months ago
I'm enjoying your stories of this gliding comp. Seems like there is a lot of local knowledge to be learned!

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