FlyPaper Update

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After tonight's committee meeting, I have a few updates to events in the recent FlyPaper Newsletter.

  1. The committee has decided to cancel our visit to Taupo Gliding Club this weekend.  I am sure the Taupo club would welcome PGC members who showed up with a glider on the day.  However, there will be no PGC gliders or instructors.  The next PGC flying day is Wed 25 Jan.
  2. I am told that the national club class championship will not be held from 27 Jan to 4 Feb as planned.  There will likely be some sort of event or club flying on that week - so keep your eye on the booking page of the club website.  Hopefully there will be some sort of gliding activity from Sat 28 Jan to Mon 6 Feb
  3. Our club meeting to discuss our twin glider options will go ahead at 10:00 Sun 5 Feb as planned.
  4. The PGC cross country weekend will take place on Feb 18/19.


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