Flying this weekend & Garmin GPS's

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We'll be aiming to fly all weekend including this Queens birthday Monday. The weather isn't looking too good for Sunday & Monday, but we'll see how we go. Hopefully Sat and Mon will be clearer.

Well I'm glad the weather isn't picking on us or anything...
Well I'm glad the weather isn't picking on us or anything...

A note that if we cancel any day we will aim to put a note on the calendar on the homepage so it's a good idea to check it before you go out, or ring the instructor of the day.

Garmin releases new handheld GPS's

Garmin has released the new GPSMAP 62s which may be of interest to glider pilots. This device is the ultimate handheld GPS, and has a number of features that mean it can be used for gliding:

  • Sunlight readable screen (assuming it's the same as the previous model, it's one of the best around, see it easily in direct sunlight. To be confirmed).
  • 20 hour battery life, so no need for power from the glider battery.
  • Barometric altimeter so your 3D trace is accurate.
  • Ability to add a scan of a map eg. our Aviation charts (a useful upgrade over the previous version).
  • Glide ratio to destination (giving a very simple final glide calculator).
  • Proximity alerts, so you know when you've reached a turnpoint
  • GPS track from Garmin's accepted for competitions.
  • Can be used to give road directions on a retrieve!
  • Has serial port to connect to our clubs IGC loggers, and USB port to connect to SeeYou easily.
  • Simple & Reliable. Turn it on, and it's recording.


  • Not IGC approved, so you have to use another IGC logger with it for badge flights or world records.
  • Not as good for navigating competition tasks as a PDA.
  • Small screen.
  • Glide ratio doesn't take into count wind, so not a real final glide calculator.
  • Expensive at $450USD. You can get almost get a PDA with SeeYou Mobile or an iPad for that!

Check them out on the Garmin website. Also there is an equivalent model, the 78s that floats incase you're planning on landing in water. There is also the Oregon 450, which does much the same stuff, but with a bigger screen, unfortunately it's hard to see in sunlight.

The new garmin 62s
The new garmin 62s

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