Fly Fast Course 2013 Starts

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Sorry another update :) luck you!

We've started the fly fast course at Matamata, and we're off with a bang. Well, more of a gentle miander up north through the sea breezes as they attacked from all sides.

Although not a contest, we are testing out our new automatic scoring system - so the flights are going onto Soaring Spot as soon as the pilots upload them. See how and where we're going here:

The course sees Lisa and Peter Trotter bring their coaching talents to New Zealand for the first time. We went through a lot of what we want to acheive at briefing. Flying was about concentrating on climbing well today. We'll be critiqued tomorrow on this aspect.

We should note towing is available during the week for any club members, but note, no instructors are available.

A talented bunch. At something surely.
A talented bunch. At something surely.

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