Congratulations Fin! Winner Central Plateau Contest Open class

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Well done Fin, here are the total results after the final day.

Full results and task details available at:

Welcome Back Harold!

Harold is returning to Wednesday towing starting tomorrow, and looks like it might be a good ridge day if it's not raining :)

Congratulations to Keith- 50km badge flight

It turned out to be a rather tough day and flight, and ended up being 100Km as he came back! Good work. This also enables Keith free entry to his first regional competition, and $100 of tow fees, thanks to the offer from Gliding New Zealand. This is offer is open to anyone who hasn't previously entered a competition, and who hasn't done their 50km flight yet. Full details available here:

New Webcam Added

We've added a new webcam - this should be a lot more reliable but is not nearly as good quality. Currently it's set to update only on the days we fly, Wed, Sat and Sun every 20 mins. We'll keep the high quality one going too, and this updates every 30 mins mornings we fly, and twice a day every other day. The weather is now working reliably too.

Nationals entry form & Details now available

Some details about the National competition 2010 are now available:

Cross Country Course & Regionals Coming Up 23rd Nov-5th Dec

Helpers will be welcome, and in the past have often filled spare seats! During the X-Country course all club gliders will be in use. During the competition the singles will be in use, and there will probably be normal club operations around the competition on the normal club days. Towing will be available every day. More details to come.

Things are heating up, see you out there, and safe flying.

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