Classic Flyers coming this Saturday

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The Classic Flyers from Tauranga are visiting Matamata airfield this Saturday Morning, and they've asked us to let the gliding club members know.

Here is the notice they've sent around:

A part day trip is planned for

this   SATURDAY Nov 1st 2008



So....come in anyway. DECISION made at ClassicFlyers..8am


Aircraft all Out & Ready..8.15am

Briefing....(Avgas Cafe')..8.30  SHARP .


Take off....9.30am.


Midway to Matamata (Quiz for ALL on board)              [1st Prize..Harvard flight @ Matamata...Runner-up Airtourer flight there]


MATAMATA...visit field and its various tenants.

view any 'ops' taking place, and Spectate generally.

'Critically' view our own AEROBATICS 'training ops' underway nearby.

 Sumptuous lunch... courtesy Avgas Cafe'.

 (sandwiches etc) you lucky people

Depart Matamata ....load-up 1.30pm appx


Aircraft going to date (with appx 32 folk so far )...

DH Devon, Harvard 98, Stearman 03, GA Agcat, Yak 718, Yak (YKA)

Airtourer T3, 2xCessna C150's, and C172.


It is intended to try and get most pax a differant a/c seat on the return trip

(Andrew will supply a SEAT PLAN by Sat am)


Note: we are trying to get more aircraft added.

 (with other pilots/pax )

IF YOU WISH TO BE ADDED TO THE LIST........ or email.....SHARE COST is =$110 pp

(Chq, visa or eftpos accepted )


Also ...Please Note......

call or email Andrew, Pete Ham, Tim @ Euroflght

or Aidan @ the Aeroclub to confirm you are listed and intend going   DON'T FORGET


See you at ClassicFlyers ………Andrew

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