Christmas Camp Wrapup

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Well the Christmas Camp is coming to a close, and there has been some fantastic weather and achievements. We are flying the next few days, but be aware the Walsh flying school is on. Saturday morning we are going to Raglan.

Congratulations to:

  • Alan Belworthy - 500km Diamond & Diamond Height Gain
  • Tim Bromhead - 300km Gold and 300km Diamond Goal
  • Steve Care - Diamond Height Gain
  • Steve Wallace - 500km Diamond on the West Coast

Alan's 500km flight was set on the ridge with a task designed by Steve. We'll be putting the task on the website soon, so others can attempt this.

Tim managed his 300km gold on the ridge, then did the 300km Diamond Goal the next day in thermals. The task was Matamata > Drury > Tokaroa > Matamata. Well done to Robert Smits for almost completing the same course in his Sagitta. 

A couple of days ago Steve climbed to 20,000' on the Kaimais, well done Steve!

Robert in his Sagitta
Robert in his Sagitta

Alan in his Ventus
Alan in his Ventus

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