Christmas Camp Underway

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Christmas Camp is going well. We seem to have a lot of impressively high performance gliders on the field, including Tauranga's new Discus XLT. The T is for turbo, and the XL is for extra lengthy. It's nice and shiny too. There's heaps of other gliders from Auckland and further afield.

Today flying conditions started out looking promising, with fluffy clouds and everything. It got worse though, with high cloud, a sprinkle of rain and lots of other rubbish. Tomorrow is looking like a write-off, with luck that will clear things out for a good Wednesday and Thursday.

A big thanks to Evey Belworthy for making the awesome new wing covers for GXP. They look great and work really well, and obviously took a few days to put together so thank you so much.

Coming up 5th-13th Feb, we have the Club Class National gliding competition at Matamata. There is even prize money! While only official club class can officially win, any other gliders are welcome to enter. Of our fleet, GXP and GNI are officially eligible, but there's no reason not to enter in anything else. If anyone is interested in flying any of the club aircraft, let the instructors and committee know on and

Following that 19th-27th Feb is the Sports Class competition at Waipukurau. The GSN, GPC and GPK are all eligible for that one.

Details about both competitions are available online at

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