Christmas Camp - Boxing day to & other events

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Hi Folks, with just a week until Christmas, no doubt you're all thinking of gliding! Here are the upcoming gliding events over summer.

New Roster Up

Check it out at
Please check what dates you're on, and organise a swap or replacement if you can't make it. In particular check the christmas camp and raglan trip dates.

Christmas Camp - Flying Boxing day to 8th Jan

For those new to the club, we fly everyday from boxing day to the 8th of Jan. Bring a tent or hire a cabin, it's a load of non-stop flying fun. Make the most of it by bringing out some friends, and stay a night or three.

There will be instructors rostered on every day, so training and trial flights will be available.

Cross Country Flying in a twin

If you're interested in going cross country, even if you've never done it before, let Tim or Bob know. We're keen to encourage more cross country flying, so get in touch and we'll organise it.

New Years Eve Dinner

The annual New Years Eve dinner will be on again this year. All club members & families are invited. Contact jan at if you can make it so we have an idea of numbers. We'd love to see a good turn out again this year!

Walsh Flying School 6th-21st of January

From the 6th-21st of January is the Walsh flying school. The way the airfield operates is different due to the large volume of trainee traffic. There is a control tower, so to fly during this time you need to be proficient with your radio procedures. Be aware we also need clearance to taxi on the airfield unlike normal.

While a bit of a pain, it does give us an excellent opportunity to experience flying with a control tower, just as the Tauranga club does all the time.

Raglan! 9th - 17th January

It just so happens we plan our annual Raglan trip to coincide with the Walsh Flying School. Please check the roster and let us know if you can't make it, or if you can help out, the more helpers the better.

We'll be flying both twins over, and if anyone wants to bring the single seaters they are welcome to organise it. We obviously try to get lots of trial flights, but we also want our club members out and flying too. If we happen to get a good westerly, we will try and organise a trip up the coast.

That's all for now, have a great Christmas!

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