BBQ Waitangi Evening and 1/3 of a Winglet

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago by PC    1 comment

By now you will have read your emails - yes I jest of course!!! :-)

So for those who's taste is a blog rather than mail this is for you!!

Watangi Day 6 February 2013 - we are having a thermalling contest - Bill's Aussie rules apply - should he be allowed to enter? See survey below for your vote on this!!

Then we are having a barbie after - Dave Muckle is setting the rules on this one but the rumour is $5.00 for a Bills Beaut Butchers BBQ Pattie and stuffings in  a Big Burger Bun - bring money for this and the bar, and a wife or two would be most welcome - its a fun day people - join us.

It has been great to be flying in the valley again after the Raglan "fiasco" and haven't the thermals been a treat? Lets hope Wed in 10knot Southerlies after 2 wet days is really superb. Well we could run the thermalling contest on the simulator - but Bill built it so that would be rigged as well............ I am sure it will be fun whatever we do!!



Click here to vote if you think Bill should or should not be allowed to enter the thermalling contest - remember he flies a LAK ............

Keep clicking ........





8 years, 10 months ago
I will be there to provide the iron thermal to start the competition!

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