Award winners for 2008/09

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Here are the award winners for 2008/09 - these have been updated on the club awards page.

Club Trophies

DeRenzy Pot - Neil Raymond - Most improved new pilot

Ken Bartlett Trophy - Tim Bromhead - Most outstanding Personal Best for winning Sports Class Nationals 

President’s Pot - Robin Britton -  For an outstanding flight during Sports Class Nationals

Tom Martin Trophy - Joan Wine - for providing outstanding friendship and service to the club in the past year. Joan doesn't fly, but puts a huge amount of work and effort into the club as committee member and secretary of the club.

Wooden C - Not awarded this year. Almost awarded to Jamie for setting his altimeter to 1182 feet instead of 182 feet, and wondering why releasing at 2000' AGL felt 'a little low'. Well done for dealing with the situation properly.

Club Task Trophies

Care 200 Trophy - Bill Mace - fastest time around the Care 200 course

Catlin Trophy - Unawarded!

Les Riesterer Short Course Trophy - Unawarded!

Dave McPherson 1 Diamond Trophy - Unawarded!

Well done Bill for being the only person to complete a club trophy task this year!

This is an open challenge to all Piako pilots to compete for these trophies this year. 

The Les Riestererer short course in particular is great for newer pilots, and is great practice for using GPS's and preparing for a task.

The task details are available on the website here.

Other Achievements

Tim Bromhead - C Cat Instructors Ratings
Dom Stevens - C Cat Instructors Ratings

Brian OBrien Regionals Contest 1st Club Class
Bob Gray Regionals Contest 2nd Club Class
Tim Bromhead 3rd Sports Class

Carl Henderson – first solo and A cert
Neil Raymond - first solo and A cert
Josh Money - first solo and A cert
Aimee Dawson - first solo and A cert
Manda Connor - first solo and A cert
John Krukerink - first solo and A cert
Robb Munn – first solo

Well done everyone!

The Care 200 Trophy
The Care 200 Trophy

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