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A few tidbits  that came out of the committee meeting yesterday.

Club member training during A course

First up the current Saturday A course has 2 new pupils on it. They'll only be using 1 glider, so the other glider is available for use for club member training only. There won't be any passenger, trial or gift voucher flights, it's just for club members, just make a booking like normal.

If you need something ticked off, ridge syllabus, B cert, BFR, check circuit or any other training make the most of it.

Modellers up to 1500'

Apparently the the modellers may be operating up to 1500 feet, be aware they can be this high. If they are operating over 400' they have to have an observer looking out for aircraft.

Chris Scale's blog about learning to glide

One of our new students, Chris Scale, has started a blog, and is writing about his experiences learning to fly gliders. A great read, see it online or subscribe to it, and leave him a comment at:


Either our students are getting bigger or PK has shrunk a bit
Either our students are getting bigger or PK has shrunk a bit

AGM Coming Up

The Piako Gliding Club AGM is coming up Saturday 9th May at 5pm.

The updated club rules have been available of the web site for some time, and can be viewed  at 


Come along and have your say at our clubs most important meeting of the year

Mid Winter Dinner

Our annual Mid Winter Dinner has been set a preliminary date of Saturday 11th of July. Put it in your calendars today!

Wooden box on bar for membership application forms and other documents

Just a reminder there is a wooden box on the bar for any forms or documents that need to go to the committee.

There is also a spike on the bar for any bar related EFTPOS receipts only. If you want to buy something from the bar and pay for a flight, do two separate transactions, that will make Jamie's life a lot easier.

Happy Flying!


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