2500km World Record Set in Omarama by Terry Delore

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Terry Delore &John Kokshoorn have potentially set a new 2500km world record in New Zealand yesterday.

Full details at stuff.co.nz and there is a backup of the article below.

stuff graphic of track.pdf

2500 world record flight.pdf

Steve now Senior OO

Speaking of world records, congrats to Steve Care for becoming a senior official observer. This means Steve can now officially observe world record flights, so get planning!

Club Tasks

The club tasks have been posted in the clubhouse for a while, and yesterday Tim & Bill attempted the Care 200, a 200km ridge task. Bill set a swift time but unfortunately missed a turnpoint. Tim completed the task, but thermalled around slowly. The time was 2hrs 23min, just 46knots, so that should be easy to beat on a good ridge day. If you do the task, write your time up on the noticeboard in the clubrooms, and the fastest time at the end of the club year wins a trophy!

Club tasks are here. Give them a go, they're great practice for competition tasks.

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