2011 Awards Dinner

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Did anyone not get snowed on today?!

Well, this dinner on Saturday night was a bit of a ripper. Thanks to everyone for coming along, yet again, a huge thanks to Bill, Jan and all those who helped in the kitchen.

The meal this year was a bit special, with a pasta starter, roast duck and chicken for the mains, followed by a range of 4 deserts plus ice cream. For some reason most were full at the end of it.

We had a good number of awards this year, here's a list of acheivements and who got what. Congrats everyone! And if you want to have a look at what you need to do next year to get the trophies, check out our club tasks page.

On Sunday we had a practice run of the Kaimai Speed Challenge with a suprisingly good day of flying. Half of the Auckland club turned up! We've setup a blog on the new Matamata Soaring Website, so we'll post some news and pics about it soon.


David Muckle            First Solo and A Certificate                                 May 10

Peter Minor               First Solo

Carl Henderson       B certificate

Murray Connell         Qualified Glider Pilot (at Taupo)                         Nov 10 

Jamie Pirrit               C Cat Instructor Rating


Steve Care                Diamond Distance and Three Diamonds                      29 Jan 2011

Tim Bromhead         Diamond Distance                                                  29 Jan 2011 

Mark Drayson           Silver Distance and Silver Height                         2 Feb 2011

                                    Silver Badge


Alan Belworthy         100km O&R Speed             172km/hr                  10 Oct 2010


Alan Belworthy         Winner Open Class            MSC Regional Contest Nov 2010

Bob Gray                   Winner Club Class MSC Regional Contest Nov 2010



Tom Martin Trophy

This trophy is awarded in memory of Colonel Tom Martin, and is awarded to the club member who has provided outstanding friendship and service to the club in the past year. Committee’s decision.

Awarded to Tim Bromhead 


President’s Pot

Awarded for most meritorious flight. Only awarded in years where a big flight in the true sense of the word is accomplished. Club President’s decision.

Awarded to Alan Belworthy for his (two) NZ Record flights over 100km O&R. 


Ken Bartlett Trophy

This trophy was donated by the family of Ken Bartlett a long time member of the Piako Gliding Club. It is awarded each year to the pilot with the most outstanding Personal Best.

Awarded to Steve Care for his Diamond Distance flight and achieving Three Diamonds 

DeRenzy Pot

This trophy was donated by Peter de Renzy an enthusiastic past pilot and one of the near-original members of the club. Awarded to the “most improved new pilot”.

Awarded to Dave Marcellus for his enthusiasm and general good airmanship.

Les Riesterer Short Course Trophy

Awarded to Neil Raymond for a great flight on 27 February 2011.

Catlin Trophy

This Trophy was donated by the Catlin Family in memory of Harold Catlin who as Chairman of the County Council’s Airport Committee actively encouraged gliding at Matamata Airfield. It is awarded each year for the fastest handicapped time around a course fixed for the season by the CFI.

Not awarded this year

Care 200 Trophy

This trophy was donated by club member Steve Care. It is awarded each year to the pilot with the best handicapped time around a 200km course set by the CFI.

Awarded to Tim Bromhead for flight on 22 August 2010 with a speed of 110.11km/hr

Dave McPherson 1 Diamond Trophy

This trophy was donated by Dave McPherson as the Century 21 trophy, but on his passing away, and with the consent of his family, has been renamed in his memory. It was conceived to promote cross-country soaring and is awarded each year to the pilot with the fastest handicapped speed around a 300km FAI triangle starting at Matamata Airfield or Waharoa Dairy Factory.

Not awarded this year.


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