2010 Preseason Briefing & Lunch

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Piako Gliding Club Inc. 


10.00am Saturday 25 September 2010,

with repeat of briefing at 11.00 Wednesday 29 September 2010 

Gliding Clubhouse, Matamata Airfield

Note This is a compulsory briefing for all glider pilots (to attend either day). Glider pilots who have not attended the briefing will not be cleared for solo flying and will have to make arrangements for a special session with the CFI.




Duty Pilot's daily duties.
Bill Mace

Update on Airspace and Gliding Safely.
Bob Gray
Steve Care

Operating Motor Gliders
Julian Mason 

IMSAFE – Dehydration and Fatigue
Bob Gray

Pilot Discussion

  • Club Tasks
  • OO’s to requalify 

To be followed by lunch at 12.00 and club flying.

Any BFRs or currency checks this afternoon?

Instructors meeting to be held 1.00pm to 2.00pm. 


Bob Gray
11 years ago
Thanks for all those members who have advised the date misprint. The corect date is Saturday 25 September.

Sorry bout that. Bob

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