2009 Competition Season Starting Next Week

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There are 2 competitions coming up over the next couple of weeks, the 2009 National Sports Class Competition, and the 2009 Soaring Centre Competition.

Here are the dates:

Helpers Wanted

We usually need help with launching the grid and doing retrieves, if anyone wants to experience a competition come on out and lend a hand. If you're GQP you can then fly a glider on the end of the grid after launching.


Meals will be available every night as was the case in the last competition. Of course breakfasts and lunches too.


There may be bunkrooms available still, and of course lots of tent space. See the MSC website for details.

Club Gliders

So far GSN and GXP are booked in the competitions. There is still time for other entries if anyone wants to fly Astir in the Soaring Centre Competition, or the PW6 in the sports class. Note the gliders are entered in the competition, not the individual pilot, so you can team fly, or share the flying with someone else.

If you want to fly one of the club aircraft in a competition get in touch with Bob Gray the CFI for approval.

A request from Tim - if you fly any club aircraft, please ensure everything is put away in the hanger at the end of the day, and there is space left at the front for the PW5.

Towing Available

Towing will be available during both competitions to private pilots and Piako club members in any of the spare gliders.

Note club members must have their QGP to fly on non-club days as there will not be an instructor supervising. Non GQP members can fly as normal on club days as an instructor is rostered on.

If you're planning on flying a glider at the back of the grid you'll need to have your glider DIed and at the back of the grid well before launch. You'll also need to attend the pre flight briefing.

Club Days

Club flying days will be operating as normal around the competitions. That is Wednesdays, Saturday and Sundays. Check the roster on the front page. Make bookings as normal. Note launching the competition normally occurs around 12-2pm, and takes up to an hour or so.

Public trial flights are available those days as well.

Why two competitions?

If you're new to gliding you may be wondering what is the "sports class", and why are there 2 competitions?
For competitions gliders are divided up into different classes, based on their performance. The basic classes are:
  • Sports Class (and World Class), for PW5s, PW6s and older or low performance gliders.
  • Standard Class - restricted to 15m fixed wing aircraft (no flaps)
  • Club Class - allows a wide range of older small gliders within a specified range of performances, eg. LibelleStandard CirrusLS1,
  • Open Class - no restrictions, open to all gliders
  • More details on the classes on Wikipedia.
This year the Sports class national competition is in Matamata, while the other classes national competition was in Omarama recently. Because most North Island pilots won't have travelled to Omarama the Matamata Soaring Centre organises their own competition.

Have fun, and hopefully we'll see you out there!

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